Don't you think it's bad form to constantly switch between using "Arthur" , "the player" and "the protagonist" ? Like if it's a player choice then say the player, but if it's a cutscenes or just following the story, you should definitely be using "Arthur" or at least "the protagonist"(since that's kinda both). I don't get to decide whether Arthur poisons or shoots the shaman. Arthur definitely poisoned him with no control on my end in either delivering the poison nor gathering it.

Sidenote The shaman is offensively white, and I felt like any reader should be privy to this information even if they don't play the game or watch the video above.

Yeah, generally, it should say “the protagonist” if it’s something that Arthur or John does with no or minimal player input (like poisoning the Shaman, as you mentioned) and “the player” if it’s more directly to do with what the person playing the game does (like finding a way out of the mine, for example). Stranger missions should not say “Arthur” or “John” unless they’re exclusive to one of them, as they can typically be done with either character. Wagwan piffting23 (talk) 10:54, June 10, 2020 (UTC)
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