Tammy Aberdeen is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and a stranger in Red Dead Online.



Tammy Aberdeen is a pig farmer who lives with her brother, Bray, in their childhood home: the Aberdeen Pig Farm. She presumably carries on an incestuous relationship with her brother, based on their intimate talks.

Events of Red Dead Online

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Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

When the player stumbles upon their farm, Bray offers to let the player rest at their home and have dinner with them. If the player accepts the offer, the player will eat dinner with the siblings and chat with them for a while before being offered a drink. If the player decides to consume the beverage, they will collapse and find themselves in a shallow grave filled with bodies on the outskirts of the estate, with all of their money having been stolen by the pair.

If the player returns to their ranch, Tammy will stutter in shock, before attacking the player with a kitchen knife. Soon thereafter, her brother Bray will join the fight. After killing the siblings, the player can then retrieve their money from a safe inside the house.

Alternatively, if the player refuses to consume the drink poured for them and returns to the ranch sometime later, Tammy asks the player to taste some stew she is preparing. If the player does so, they will be faced with the same scenario as the alcoholic drink; waking up in a shallow ditch full of corpses, without their money.



Tammy is a short, middle-aged woman with a rugged appearance. She has tanned skin and a somewhat busty build. She has long brown hair braided behind her back, and green eyes. She usually wears a patterned brown top and a green praire skirt with a white apron and brown boots. After she gets ready for dinner, she lets her hair down and changes into a more formal black and red dress and top, with matching jewelry and black boots.


  • If the player hogties Tammy and places her in the shallow grave outside the estate, she begins to panic and cry. She is heard apologizing to her mother, implying that she and her brother murdered her.
  • If the player kills Bray, Tammy flies into a rage and attacks the player with a knife.
    • Likewise, if the player kills Tammy, Bray gets angry and shoots at the player with a rifle.


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