Tarnation is a location in Red Dead Revolver.


Tarnation was on the verge of being recognized by the governor as a bona fide town when its lawman, Sheriff Rix, was murdered. No other sheriff dared take the job, so the town became overrun by criminals and all the original inhabitants fled... except for the undertaker, Mr. N. Black. The outlaw Jesse Lynch fled to Tarnation, knowing that no lawman would pursue him there.


Tarnation consists of one central street that runs all the way up to the cemetery. The street is lined with hollowed-out buildings.

Mission Appearances

Tarnation is featured in the following missions:


  • The name of the town most likely comes from the famous Western exclamation of surprise, "What in tarnation?".
  • It is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal under the Frontier Places section.
  • It is similar to Tumbleweed of Red Dead Redemption, which is another ghost town overrun with criminals.

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