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We haven't recovered as much as I'd hoped from the war. My family try... my sons are good boys, but it's been hard. Like I said, some people in the area will hold us back forever. We need stability.
Tavish Gray

Tavish Gray is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Tavish is the patriarch and eldest member of the wealthy Gray family, the rivals of the Braithwaite family. He is the brother of Leigh Gray, the sheriff of Rhodes, and the father of Beau Gray.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Tavish is first seen at Caliga Hall talking to John Marston, Javier Escuella and Arthur Morgan about Catherine Braithwaite's prize horses, and promises them that they can get five-thousand dollars for them. The trio happily accepts the offer and steal the horses from the Braithwaite Manor, although Tavish's promise turns out to be false when they get a mere seven hundred dollars for them, instead of the promised five thousand.

Shortly afterward, after Arthur and Sean MacGuire burn down the Gray family's tobacco fields, Tavish and Leigh plot revenge on the Van der Linde gang. The Gray family offers gang members a security 'job' in Rhodes, which Bill Williamson and Micah Bell accept. Those two, along with Arthur and Sean, are then ambushed in the center of Rhodes, resulting in a large gunfight. While the Grays manage to kill Sean, all except for Tavish are wiped out, including Leigh.

Sometime after the battle, Tavish dies, possibly suicide, but more likely from a heart attack judging by the state of his corpse. His body can be found on the back porch of the main building at Caliga Hall as a Point of Interest (Gray’s Secret) next to the cause of the presumed heart attack, a letter from Edinburgh University historian Malcolm Moffat. The letter reveals that Tavish's ancestor, Ross Gray, was not an exiled Jacobite as he previously believed, but a spy for the Duke of Cumberland who was forced to flee from Scotland after actual Jacobites began hunting down loyalists who informed on them.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • There seems to be inconsistency within the game regarding Tavish and Leigh. Members of the Van der Linde gang (i.e. Dutch and Arthur) refer to Leigh as Tavish's son while Beau says that Tavish is his father and Leigh is his uncle, making Tavish and Leigh brothers. This is likely a developer oversight, although in-game terms it is plausible that the gang received false information about the family and the nature of its relationships.
  • The historian who Tavish receives the letter from, Malcolm Moffat, has the same surname as the mother of Sam and Dan Houser, the founders of Rockstar Games.