You think I'm afraid of you fools? Nuh-uh!
Teddy Brown

Teddy Brown is a supporting character and one of the antagonists of Red Dead Online.



Teddy Brown is the brother of Grace Lancing and brother-in-law of Amos Lancing. He became notorious for being a thug and a "petty horse thief", operating his criminal activities in New Austin out of Fort Mercer.

Events of Red Dead Online

Teddy murdered Philip LeClerk in Blackwater sometime in 1898. He did this on behalf of his sister, his brother in law and Jeremiah Shaw, who all conspired to have Philip killed. They managed to frame a bystander for the murder and thus, initially escaped being held accountable. However, Jessica LeClerk, Philip's widow, eventually discovered who the real culprits were and arranged to have the player broken out of prison to assist in her own plot for revenge.

Eventually, after the protagonist finishes aiding several sheriffs across the region, Teddy's hideout at Fort Mercer is besieged by local authorities and the U.S. marshals. With the help of Horley and the player's posse, the law manages to break into the fort and dispatch most of Teddy's gang. Likely fearing capture, Teddy himself confronts the intruders with his own set of metal plated armor. Despite this, he ends up ultimately outgunned and is incapacitated during the battle.

After the shootout ends, Jessica LeClerk arrives, furiously demanding a confession. While Teddy admits to murdering her husband, expressing no remorse and claiming that her husband begged for his life, he refuses to reveal who specifically ordered it. He is then promptly shot in the head by Jessica, emitting a raspy exhale as he finally collapsed.



Teddy Brown shows himself to be a cruel and ruthless bandit, holding no regrets for his crimes or the murder of Philip LeClerk. Even in his last moments, he remained both spiteful towards the gunmen who brought him down as well as Jessica, mocking her dead husband.

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