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This template is intended to provide a disambiguation link at the top of an article for cases where the disambiguation is simple enough that it doesn't merit a separate article. For more significant disambiguations, create a disambiguation page and use Template:Disambig.

This template is an alternative to the "For" template. The differences between the two are:

  1. Wording, as shown in the examples below.
  2. The For template takes article names as parameters and automatically creates links out of them, while the Also template allows links with custom text to be used.
  3. The For template provides a single description parameter and allows one or two links to be attached to that description, while the Also template provides two separate description parameters for two separate links.


{{Also|[[Link 1]]|Description 1|[[Link 2]]|Description 2}}

For example:

{{Also|[[John Marston]]|the main protagonist|[[Jack Marston]]|John's son}}


You may also be looking for John Marston, the main protagonist, or Jack Marston, John's son.

"Description 1" and "Link 1" are required, while "Description 2" and "Link 2" are optional. In each case, the link parameter must be a fully formed link with enclosing brackets (e.g. [[Link]]).

Example omitting the second set of parameters and showing usage of alternate link text:

{{Also|[[John Marston|Awesome Dude]]|the main protagonist}}


You may also be looking for Awesome Dude, the main protagonist.

Comparison to For

The following example shows the different usage and wording of the For template:

{{For|John Marston|the main protagonist}}


For the main protagonist, see John Marston.

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