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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Template for displaying small icons.


{{icon|name of icon}}

Available icons

Name(s) Icon
android androidandroid
apple, ios appleapple
bronze bronzebronze
dead deaddead
Name(s) Icon
gamerankings gamerankingsgamerankings
gamerscore gamerscoregamerscore
gold goldgold
mac macmac
macclassic macclassicmacclassic
metacritic metacriticmetacritic
Name(s) Icon
pc pcpc
platinum platinumplatinum
ps2 ps2ps2
ps3 ps3ps3
ps4 ps4ps4
ps4pro ps4props4pro
silver silversilver
stadia stadiastadia
yes yesyes
windows windowswindows
xbox xboxxbox
xbox360 xbox360xbox360
xboxone xboxonexboxone
xboxonex xboxonexxboxonex

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