Infobox Revolver Item
Game {{{game}}}
Unlock Type {{{unlocktype}}}
Unlocks {{{unlocktarget}}}
Price {{{price}}}


{{Infobox Revolver Item
|name          = <!-- Name of the character/Any name you decide to put in. -->
|image         = <!-- Image of the character/Any related image. -->
|caption       = <!-- A caption for the image. -->
|game          = <!-- List the game it is used in. -->
|unlocktype    = <!-- Type of unlock (e.g. Journal page). -->
|unlocktarget  = <!-- Page, character, stage, or feature that is unlocked. -->
|price         = <!-- The price of the item -->

To be used for Revolver items that unlock journal pages, showdown characters, showdown stages, etc. Lines for empty fields will be excluded, except for "name", which will default to the name of the article if left blank.

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