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This template is applied to weapon articles for Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Revolver. Since each game has a slightly different set of weapon stats, all fields are optional except for "type". The order of fields is set based on the order they appear in the weapon information screens in Red Dead Redemption. Altering the order of supplied fields (to match the order in a Red Dead Revolver weapon screen, for example) does not alter the order the fields are displayed.


{{Infobox Weapon 
| name       = (defaults to PAGENAME if left blank)
| image      = (defaults to Image:Placeholder item.png if left blank)
| imagewidth = (defaults to 300 if left blank)
| caption    = (optional image caption)
| type       = (required, e.g. [[Revolver]])
| games      = (optional, e.g. [[Red Dead Redemption]]. Italics added by template.)
| power      = (optional, description varies by game)
| range      = (optional, description varies by game)
| rof        = (optional, description varies by game)
| rldspd     = (optional, description varies by game)
| ammocap    = (optional, capacity per reload, e.g. 6 for a six-shooter)
| ammomax    = (optional, maximum amount of ammo that can be carried)
| ammotype   = (optional, e.g. [[Revolver Ammo]])
| accuracy   = (optional, description varies by game)
| baseprice  = (optional, in $xx.xx format)


{{Infobox Weapon
| image   =  File:Rdr weapon semi-auto pistol.jpg
| type    = [[Pistols|pistol]]
| games   = [[Red Dead Redemption]]
| power   = moderate
| range   = low
| rof     = high
| rldspd  = high
| ammocap = 7
| ammomax = 93

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