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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to create a game infobox.
Type {{infobox quest|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
{{Infobox game
|image        =Reddeadcover.jpg
|developer    =
* [[Rockstar San Diego]]
* [[wikipedia:Rockstar North|Rockstar North]]
|publisher    =[[Rockstar Games]]
|release date =October 26, 2018
|genre        =First-person shooter, third-person shooter, action-adventure, western
|engine       =[[Rockstar Advanced Game Engine|RAGE]]
|modes        =Singleplayer, [[Red Dead Online|Multiplayer]]
|rating       ='''ESRB''': M<br />'''PEGI''': 18
|platforms    ={{icon|ps4}} PlayStation 4<br />{{icon|xboxone}} Xbox One<br />{{icon|ps4pro}} {{tooltip|Playstation 4 Pro|Native 4K support}}<br />{{icon|xboxonex}} {{tooltip|Xbox One X|Native 4K support}}
|media        =Blu-ray, digital download
|requirements ='''Console''':<br />105 GB Minimum
|xbox         =[ Xbox Live]
|playstation  =[ PSN]

Results in...


{{Infobox game
|image        =
|developer    =
|publisher    =
|release date =
|genre        =
|modes        =
|rating       =
|platforms    =
|media        =
|requirements =
|metacritic   =
|gamerankings =
|pc           =
|xbox         =
|playstation  =

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