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Users {{{users}}}

Use this template on Character Pages.

{{Weapon Infobox 
|image       =
|name        =
|game        =
|type        =
|power       =
|firespeed   =
|range       =
|cost        =
|users       =
*Type is where you put the class this gun is in, for example "Revolver" or "Rifle".

*Judge power/firespeed/range with "very low", "bad", "high", etc.
*Power: Damage output. 
*RoF: Firing speed. 
*Range: Effective combat distance. 

*Cost means the (cheapest) price when buying this. 
*If not available in shops, put "N/A"  or "Not Applicable". 
*Use dollar sign (Shift + 4) in front of number. 
*Put cheapest shop after the number, for example "$150 (Gunsmith Johnny)".

*Users means important people in the story who primarily use this weapon.

If you can't fill something in, or it is unknown, remove that tag

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