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I do everything twice as fast as everybody else.
The Boy

"The Boy" is a stranger featured in Red Dead Online.



Known only as "The Boy" due to his noticeably youthful appearance, he is a self-proclaimed gunslinger who runs a criminal enterprise based in the region of New Hanover.

Events of Red Dead Online

The protagonist can encounter The Boy, who will offer them various jobs. He often talks down to the protagonist, claiming he could draw quicker than them or anyone else. While giving the player a mission, he usually excuses his inability to do the job himself with being too trigger happy.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Online

  • Paid Killings
  • Rescues
  • Destroy Supplies
  • Horse Thefts
  • Jailbreaks
  • Boat Thefts
  • Coach Robberies
  • Hunting


I bet I could have three in you before you even blinked.
The Boy to the protagonist
At fifteen I done more than most men at thirty. If I make it to thirty, I bet I'll be president. You can take that to the bank!
The Boy