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The Cemetery is a mission in Red Dead Revolver.


Seeking to claim the bounty on Mr. Black, Red Harlow clears out Tarnation of his gang and then heads to the cemetery to confront the outlaw himself.


To complete this mission, the player must:

Mission Details

At the start of this mission, a cutscene will play showing several thugs emerging from behind the gravestones, with Mr. Black walking slowly towards the player. After gaining control of Red, the player should quickly take out Black's bodyguards before confronting their leader. Using deadeye is the most advisable way of doing so.

Once the outlaws are all dead, the player needs to eliminate Mr. Black. Since he carries a Gatling Gun inside a coffin and can do tremendous damage to Red with it, it is best to take cover behind the small tree at the entrance to the cemetery, and wait for Mr. Black to empty his weapon before jumping out, taking a few shots, and then taking cover. Repeating this process a few times will ensure that the player receives a minimal amount of damage, as long as they make it back to cover before Mr. Black begins shooting again. Alternately, the player can run and shoot when Mr. Black takes out his Gatling gun. Since the gun is slow to move, the player can outrun his aim if they keep moving. Hitting Mr. Black while he is firing also stops him from firing.

Once the player has depleted Mr. Black's health, a cutscene will show Mr. Black staggering back before falling dead into his coffin. Red will kick the lid closed and the mission will be completed.

Mission Failure

The player will fail the mission if:

  • The player dies.

Objectives for Excellent Rating

To get excellent rating, the player must pass 3 of 4 of these objectives:

  • Accuracy: 75%
  • Damage Taken: 50%
  • Time: 3:00
  • Best Combo: $200

Mission Complete Unlockables


  • Note that one of the four bandits drops a health kit.
  • Headstones can be destroyed by the Gatling gun.
  • The stone walls cannot be destroyed; use them as cover.

Video Walkthrough

The Cemetery - Chapter 10 - Red Dead Revolver

The Cemetery - Chapter 10 - Red Dead Revolver

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