Full Outfit

The Desperado garment set is an outfit found in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The player will need to hunt Beaver, Goat, Armadillo, Oxen, Boar, Rabbit, and Muskrat.

Outfit Items

Item Price Recipe
The Desperado x x
Beaver Drifter Hat $20.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt x2
Billy Vest $32.00 Perfect Armadillo Skin x1, Perfect Goat Hide x1
Boar and Bull Fowler Boots $31.00 Perfect Ox Hide x1, Perfect Boar Pelt x1
Winter Cavalry Gloves $25.00 Perfect Rabbit Pelt x1, Perfect Muskrat Pelt x2



Red Dead Redemption 2 - How To Get The Desperado Outfit! Location Guide


  • Obtaining the entire outfit requires access to New Austin due to the spawn location of Armadillos, therefore it can only be completed after the game's epilogue. However, there are exploits that allow for the outfit the be obtained earlier.
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