The Dwarf And the Giant is a mission in Red Dead Redemption. it was cut out of the Game for an unknown Reason.


The story starts with John Marston, Confronting a Dwarf, The Dwarf Yells Profanity at him, John is convinced he needs a Friend, He hears from a Farmer, A giant lives in the hills, John is convinced they need to be friends.

John then goes into the hills, And after a short conversation with the Giant, A Fight breaks out between the two. John Is able to calm the Giant down, He then brings him to the Little Person.

The Two of them meet, And they argue, After a girl walks by and the giant Accidentally chokes her to death, The Dwarf and Marston yell at him, The dwarf tells Marston that, He has to shoot the giant, As he has gone "Insane"

The game would give Marston the choice of wether or not to Shoot the giant or let him flee, If shooting him was chosen, The game would have had the Dwarf Yell at Marston for killing his friend, If Marston was to let him flee, The Dwarf would have taken Marston's gun And shot the Giant himself.

The mission would have ended, Depending on how you would have ended the mission, It was assumed the game would Lower Or Raise your honor.


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