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The Gilded Cage is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission Overview

The gang attend a party hosted by the Mayor of Saint Denis. While at the party, they meet with Bronte, and look for job opportunities.


After arriving at the party, Arthur will go and start talking with a group of wealthy citizens, including Mayor Lemieux. Here, he removes a drunk man harassing the mayor from the party, endearing himself to the mayor.

Afterwards, the mayor's butler appears and informs the mayor that Leviticus Cornwall has telephoned the house and demanded that the mayor sign some documents. The mayor thanks his servant for informing him. Dutch overhears the conversation and tells Arthur to follow the man. The servant puts the ledger and the document inside the desk and locks it.

Arthur has to steal the documents and the ledger from the mayor's desk and then leave with the gang.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • While at the party, pour some drinks, compliment a guest’s attire, accept a gift and save a life.
  • Follow the servant without being detected.

Mission failure

The mission will fail if the player:

  • Abandons the gang;
  • Abandons the party;
  • Gets caught by the servant too many times.

Missable Items in the Mission

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  • The mission's title is a pun on the term "Gilded Age," which has come to refer to the 1870-1900 era of United States history known for excesses in wealth, power, and corruption among elite society. The term itself comes from The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today, an 1873 satiric novel by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner.
    • Also, the phrase "gilded cage" is used to describe a luxurious and restricted enviroment, which could refer to the nature of this mission which has the player restricted to a rather grand and enjoyable party that they cannot leave willingly.
  • Lenny Summers is the driver of the coach that Hosea, Dutch, Bill, and Arthur are inside when arriving at the mayor's residence. Upon leaving, Dutch can be heard saying, "Here comes Lenny."
  • In the ending cutscene, Arthur can be seen waking up on a stack of bags instead of on his bed.
  • Originally, Molly O'Shea was going to accompany the gang during this mission, as the outfit she would have worn was found in the game files.[1] However, she was cut for unknown reasons.
  • There is an unused cutscene found in the PC files of the game, where Arthur and Dutch were supposed to buy clothes from the tailor.[2]
  • When replaying the mission a glitch may occur with Jean Marc Mercier, where his clothes may change to his plaid suit instead of formal attire in the mission.
  • If the player gets caught by the servant once, he will tell Arthur to go back to the party. If the player is caught twice, he will warn Arthur to return to the party or he will escort him out. If the player is caught a third time, the servant will tell the guards to remove Arthur and the mission will fail.
    • The mission will instantly fail if the servant catches Arthur in the Mayor's office.
  • It is possible to keep the tuxedo that Arthur wears during the mission. The player must abandon the escort and cancel the mission. They will be returned to Shady Belle but will still be wearing the tuxedo. However, it is recommended for players to make an extra save as the glitch will cause all of the weapons to disappear from the player's inventory as well as the weapons on the player's horse.[3]
  • The player can overhear a woman who Arthur can serve drinks to talk about how she wishes her husband would die quickly due to his sickness, with another woman replying with “Tuberculosis is a strange disease,”, an indication of Arthur’s diagnosis in the next chapter.



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