The Grand Korrigan is a riverboat in Red Dead Redemption 2, in the Bayou Nwa region of the Lemoyne territory.


Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur Morgan takes a seat on the poker table in the middle of the room on the riverboat and begins to play poker against Desmond Blythe and others, while Leopold Strauss aids Arthur by signalling what to do. Then Desmond Blythe plays 1-on-1 with Arthur Morgan. Desmond Blythe bets his Swiss watch on himself winning. Arthur Morgan then wins the game and therefore goes to the Pit Boss to cash out his winnings.

When Arthur is there with Javier Escuella, he manages to disarm the Pit Boss and steals all the money from the vault. When Arthur has all of the money, he follows Javier Escuella into the main room again. A gunfight ensues when the guard who Javier stole the uniform from wakes up and warns the guards about them.

During the gunfight, the gang flee out to the deck. The group find that the only way to return to the mainland is via swimming, which they reluctantly decide to do.


  • The Grand Korrigan is a paddle steamer -  a riverboat with a steam engine that powers paddled wheels to propel it through the water. The vessel is a classic sidewheeler (as opposed to sternwheeler) design with two large paddle wheels, one on each flank. The sidewheeler design was more complicated and could create its own inefficiencies, but ideally it allowed for better maneuverability and turning.
  • Consistent with the game's themes, the Grand Korrigan itself is a symbol of an increasingly bygone era. By the 1890s, riverboat usage on the Mississippi River was still going strong but had begun to decline because of the growth of railroads for transportation and commerce. Automobiles, the Great Depression, and the rise of diesel-powered shipping virtually ended steamboat traffic on the river. Today, few operational paddle wheelers exist, and only a handful run on steam power.
  • The oldest operating steamboat in the United States - and the oldest Mississippi River-style steamboat still operating in the world - was built in 1914, the last year of playable events in the Red Dead Redemption games. The boat was launched with the name Idlewind and currently operates as the Belle of Louisville out of Louisville, Kentucky.
  • In Breton folklore, a "korrigan" is a type of fairy, often a siren-like female fairy who inhabits rivers or streams. Such korrigans try to be seen only at night when they appear beautiful and alluring, whereas by day their appearance is unattractive or even grotesque. Korrigans often kill the men whom they successfully seduce.


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