The Herd is a multi-player co-op mission included in the Outlaws To The End DLC for Red Dead Redemption.


Cattle rustlers have stolen a cattleman's herd and taken cover in Pike's Basin. The players are hired to fight their way in and clear out the rustlers, and then use teamwork to lead the herd back to Armadillo. Once the cattle rustlers are cleared out of the camp in the basin, and the cattle herd is released, the players need to call their horses and lead the herd out of the basin, while taking fire from other cattle rustlers on the ledges overhead. All the while the players need to keep at least five cattle alive. Once the cattle are out of the basin, rustlers will begin attacking on horseback. The players lead the cattle through the fields, past the Hanging Rock, and into Armadillo. Once that is done the mission is complete.

Tips & Hints

  • When leading the cattle out through the valley, the marksmen who appear on the ridges above can be hard to hit from below. As you pass the second checkpoint, there should be a narrow path you can take up to the ridge where the rustlers spawn, making eliminating them much, much easier.
  • Once outside of the valley, it's best to keep the cattle moving at pace, as the rustlers will keep on spawning, no matter how many you kill. This may be a good way to farm kills, but can leave you overwhelmed.


  • A known glitch on the PS3 version of the game is that once the mission has started a message will appear saying "too many cows have been killed" and if the mission is attempted again the same message will appear.

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