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The Loft is an outpost in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online in the Grizzlies East region of the Ambarino territory.


It is a lodge located in the mountains of the Grizzlies East that houses a watchtower, with a small campsite beside it. The watchtower provides an excellent vantage point that oversees the Grizzlies East to the hills of Annesburg on clear weather.

There are features that indicate the structure may have been intended as a military outpost but was never used as intended. In the living quarters there is an active heating furnace, and is well-stocked with supplies. On the table is a Morse-Vail telegraph key, but no electrical lines are to be seen anywhere in the area. Also present is a high quality weapons locker, and a highly detailed map of the world identical the one Arthur Morgan can purchase at the gang's camp.

Off the south face of the lodge is a basement that houses a stockpile of hunting equipment, explosives, and military supplies including a sizeable number of cannon balls. It was abandoned for unknown reasons at some point prior to 1899. The Loft is incredibly well-kempt and well-stocked, suggesting it was abandoned just recently and hurriedly.


  • In Red Dead Online, the Gran Corazon Madeira alcohol bottle, a part of the Antique Alcohol Bottles can spawn here to complete the collection.
  • On the campsite A-frame tent can be slept in, and the lit campfire can be used for crafting. The bed inside the lodge can be slept in as well.
  • This location is the perfect hiding place to earn the "Bountiful" achievement/trophy, due to its remoteness and location deep in the mountains, which makes it very difficult for bounty hunters to reach, and if they do reach it, it is very easy to defend thanks to the lodge's watchtower giving the player the upper hand against them.