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Red Dead Redemption:
Outlaws to the End
achievement and trophy

The Mother Lode
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Description Gold medal all Advanced Co-Op missions.
Gamer Score 20 gamerscoregamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze bronzebronze
Downloadable content Outlaws to the End

The Mother Lode is a trophy/achievement in the Red Dead Redemption Outlaws to the End DLC pack.


Gold medal all Advanced Co-Op missions.


This trophy is rewarded upon receiving a Gold medal on all of the Advanced Co-Op missions.

Tips and Tricks

  • It is advised that a full posse of four is used when attempting to gain this achievement/trophy. Gather some good friends (or players willing to do advanced co-op) and work as a tight unit - then make a posse.


  • The term "mother lode" is phrase used by prospectors to describe the primary deposit of a valuable ore - specifically gold.
  • Colloquially, the term is used to describe a rich find or a great achievement.
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