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The Scratching Post is a hut featured in Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. It is located in the Gaptooth Ridge region of the New Austin territory.

The place consists of a small, run-down shack, surrounded by a fence. The San Luis River is only a few yards away.


Red Dead Online

The story mission "The Hanging Of Tom Davies" concludes here, with the protagonist and their posse having to escort Marshal Davies, Sheriff Freeman, and Old Man Jones to the location in order to escape from the pursuing Del Lobos.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The shack and surrounding property can be explored. Searching it will yield a few cans of food, a couple of valuables, and an ancient necklace.

Red Dead Redemption

It is a shack near one of several American/Mexican border crossings and contains a chest with a relatively low amount of money ($18-$20).

Outlaws to the End

In the Outlaws to the End Co-op missions it is the starting point of "The Escape" and the second of the three stops the raft makes in the "The River".

Liars and Cheats

After downloading the Liars and Cheats DLC pack, The Scratching Post becomes a gang hideout. It is one of a series of hideouts that, when completed, will give the player with the highest score the ability to obtain the Explosive Rifle.

Undead Nightmare

During the Undead Nightmare, John Marston will encounter a small contingent of U.S. soldiers in this location who have abandoned their posts to save themselves. If Marston aids them, they will give him a U.S. Army Uniform that will gain him access to the Army's train into Mexico.


The location mainly consists of an abandoned shack. It has no doors, the windows lack any glass or covering, and the rooftop is full of holes. The surrounding fence is broken down in some places, which makes it look as if a storm or a group of bandits may have damaged the shack. There is an outhouse just next to the main structure, as well as a stack of lumber.

There is a hitching post just outside of the fence where Marston may encounter a horse sometimes, even though the shack is abandoned. Upon stopping in front of the shack, Marston sometimes remarks "There must be someone there". This apparently doesn't have any further meaning, though, as it happens at many other locations as well.


The discovery of this location in Red Dead Redemption counts towards the following Trophies/Achievements:

10 gamerscoregamerscore
Bronze bronzebronze
Uncover every location on the map in Single Player.

100 gamerscoregamerscore
Gold goldgold
Attain 100% List in the singleplayer game completion list.

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