The Smell of the Grease Paint is a Stranger mission featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Arthur enters the Saloon of the Van Horn Trading Post and encounters members of a travelling sideshow. Miss Majorie and a strong simpleton named Bertram. Bertram loses his temper and begins choking the bartender before Arthur intervenes and fights him himself. After a few good punches, Bertram apologizes. Miss Majorie tells Arthur that her second act, Magnifico, has been missing. She implores Arthur to find him to help save the highlight of her show.

Magnifico can be found in the south-west of the outpost, sitting at a campfire in the woods. When he realizes that Miss Majorie has sent someone to find him, he disappears in a cloud of smoke. This begins a chase where Arthur must follow the clouds of smoke and catch Magnifico. He attempts hiding in trees before fleeing across the railroad tracks and running right into the arms of Bertram. Miss Majorie thanks Arthur for helping reunite her show.


After initiating the questline, ride southwest to the woods and chase Magnifico. Follow his trail of smoke clouds until the mission is over. To collect your reward, visit Miss Majorie's show in the Theatre Râleur in Saint Denis and watch their show. Afterwards, speak to the vendor and you'll receive a letter from Majorie with $40 inside.


  • A cut mission in Red Dead Redemption was to feature a giant and a midget. Marston was going to get the giant and midget to meet, as the two were alone and needed company. However, their meeting doesn't go as planned, and Marston has a choice of whether or not to kill the giant. This mission is considered to be a modified form of that cut mission.


  • After Miss Marjorie appears once you've stopped Magnifico, Magnifico may sometimes become invisible. His model can be seen standing to the right next to the wagon. However, it will not do anything and the cutscene will continue with the invisible model.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Mission - The Smell of the Grease Paint

Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Mission - The Smell of the Grease Paint

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