You! The man they call Marston, sí! You like killing? Watch me cut her throat!
The Stranger to John Marston

The Stranger is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.



Nothing is known of The Stranger's background. However, he appeared to be associated with German immigrant Andreas Müller.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

The Stranger is encountered during the mission "Lucky in Love", during which he is playing a game of Poker with Andreas Müller, Landon Ricketts, and Manolo Santander. However, Ricketts invites John Marston to join the game, and shortly thereafter, Müller accuses Marston of cheating. Guns are drawn, and the group finds themselves at an impasse.

After Marston kills Müller in a Duel, The Stranger takes a nearby woman hostage and threatens to kill her with a knife. Despite him using the woman as a shield, Marston is able to shoot him in the head and then proceeds to kill Manolo, Selestino Herrada and Rigoberto Artiz.

Mission Appearances


  • He sometimes appears as an enemy in Multiplayer, mainly found amongst the Rebeldes in Nosalida. Interestingly, he is seen wearing an outfit quite different than that which he wears in story mode. Unlike many of the rebels, he is not a playable character in multiplayer.
  • Very rarely, if the player shoots him in his arm, he will not die but will have his pistol pointed, aiming in Marston's direction, but not shooting at Marston. He will stand, holding the gun and holding the girl, who is still struggling. The game engine thinks he is dead, even though he is standing there. He does not react again. Killing him has no significant result, you can finish the mission with him standing there holding the gun forward, which is fairly amusing, but this is even rarer as Landon will probably kill him anyway.


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