(Red Harlow and Sheriff O'Grady appears on train.)

(Red talks to 0'Grady) O'Grady: Oh, its a long ride to Brimstone, but I think I'll manage. Made this trip a hundred times, looks so much longer with your gots hanging out. Oh I better rest a while now.

(Red goes talk to Mathias) Mathias: The best General Store in terretory's in Brimstone, I should know I own it! Stop by mah General Store friend, we'll fix ya up real nice.

(Red talks to a unknown passenger) Passenger: Hey mister you heading to Brimstone too? I guese thats were evreybody's heading, always jobs in Brimstone. Me? I'm gonna work for Banker Peabody his the manager of Brimstone bank and a real rich guy.

(Red goes talk to sleeping Abigail) Abigail: (Snors), (Snors), (Snors). (Snors), (Snors), (Snors). (Snors), Wha-wha we in Brimstone-(Snors). (Snors) Don't wake the dog Alfred! (Snors).

(Red talks to Sandy) Sandy: Howdy gunslinger ya'll se plany more if you're count on Brimstone. Fella like yourself would do all right for the dueling contest. Thats right the Battle Royale is comn' best you visit the gunshop when we arive.

(Red goes talk to Lily)Lily: Mister you could really use a hot bath or some fresh clothes. Eww my god! What ever is that smell? Sir! You are smelling and terrible rude, I have nothing more to say to you!

(And Red talks to the last passenger Roberto) Roberto: Watch'a bottering me you for!? Now sit back down! ...

(Red sits to 0'Grady, but gunshots are heard and Sandy falls a sleep.)

Lily: Bandits!

(Sandy wakes up, and an unknown passenger sits next to Abigail)

O'Grady: Well somebody help, you bounty hunter, if you wanna make this train to go to Brimstone you better load them guns'o yours.

(Red stands up and Roberto points out a gun and stands too. Everybody except Red puts arms in the air)

Roberto: Brothers here's a roberry! Now, nobody plays hero, nobody dies.

(Red puts the gun out, shoots Roberto)

Roberto: Ay, mis huesos duelen! (Aw, my bones hurt!)

(Roberto dies, and Red walks away to continue the next level)

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