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The Woman With No Name[1] is a major character featured in Red Dead Online.



The Woman With No Name is a professional bounty hunter.

Events of Red Dead Online

At some point in 1898, she was hired by Sheriff Leigh Gray to kill or capture the Twin Rocks gang, which she proceeded to do. She is first seen when she arrives in Rhodes driving a wagon that carries the corpses of the outlaws she killed. After delivering them to Sheriff Gray, he orders his deputy Archibald MacGregor to count the corpses, and expresses appreciation of her deed, to which The Woman With No Name replies that anyone can be a bounty hunter. She then notices the protagonist and asks them if they are interested in becoming a bounty hunter, telling them that all they need is a license, which can be bought from any sheriff, and that posters of wanted criminals appear on bounty poster boards outside of jails every day. She also mentions that dead targets are worth a little less than living ones.

Archibald interrupts their conversation to point out that one corpse is missing. The Woman With No Name proceeds to shout out the missing outlaw, knowing that he must be hiding nearby, and begins to count to ten. The gang member comes out of hiding and begs for mercy, but The Woman With No Name promptly shoots him with her Cattleman Revolver. Sheriff Gray then instructs Archibald to clean up the mess and dispose of the bodies before paying The Woman With No Name for the bounty on the gang members' heads. She leaves, telling Gray that she will return soon and that the protagonist may be interested in purchasing a bounty hunter license.

If the protagonist becomes a bounty hunter, The Woman With No Name will narrate the introductions to all the legendary targets.



The Woman With No Name is a ruthless bounty hunter and prefers killing her targets, even though she earns less money this way, as shown when she executes the gang member that surrendered and was willing to turn himself in. While she takes her job very seriously, she doesn't find it particularly difficult and claims that "any fool" can be a successful bounty hunter.


The Woman With No Name is a black woman that is seen wearing a dark coat over a white shirt and a red buttoned vest, paired with a dark hat, red neckwear, and gloves.

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