The Woman With No Name[1] is a character featured in Red Dead Online.



The Woman With No Name is a professional bounty hunter.

Events of Red Dead Online

Frontier Pursuits

The Woman With No Name is seen entering the town of Rhodes with a wagon full of the Twin Rocks gang members. She arrives at the sheriff's office, where she asks Sheriff Leigh Gray and Deputy Archibald MacGregor if they have been looking for the Twin Rocks gang, before telling the lawmen that she has apprehended all of them. To prove her claim, she suggests that they count the number of bodies, which MacGregor proceeds to do. After ascertaining that she had indeed captured them all, Sheriff Gray gives her a sum of money and notes his admiration of her deed. In response, the Woman With No Name says that bounty hunting "ain't so hard" and that "any fool can do it".

Afterward, she notices the protagonist and asks them if they are interested in becoming a bounty hunter, saying that there are "boards on every jailhouse and post office with new sheets every day". She then tells them that all they need is a license, which the sheriff can provide, after which they take a poster and go. MacGregor then interrupts her and tells her that there are only nine bodies, despite her recalling ten bodies in the wagon. The Woman With No Name subsequently shouts to the lone gang member - who is still alive and hiding - to come out. She then tells them that they have ten seconds to turn themselves in and starts counting. The male gang member is revealed to have hidden behind a barrel, at which point he surrenders, begging her not to kill him. The Woman With No Name approaches with her revolver drawn and ignores his pleas, killing the gang member unhesitatingly. With that, she informs MacGregor that she found the missing gang member, who is then instructed by Sheriff Gray to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, Leigh Gray pays the Woman With No Name for the bounties and she states that she will be back; before leaving, she tells Sheriff Gray that the protagonist might want a bounty hunting license.

She will subsequently narrate the introductions to all the legendary targets.

Mission appearances

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