• Hi, Bigbat39. You claim that the Ferry Robbery and the Blackwater Massacre are the same event a few months back, after someone claimed that it wasn't and re-edited the wiki page. While I agree with you that these two are the same event, there is something I am not sure on, the body count. Ever since the BM page was created back in 2013, it has claimed that 37 people died during the massacre, 22 outlaws and 15 lawmen, with low civilian causality. Do you or any other contributor know where the source for this is. I got three different sources from asking this question: prerelease RDR1 material, newspapers, Landon Ricketts. It certainly isn't in the newspapers, I checked. If you could prove or disprove the body count, I think it will help people see that these two events are indeed one and the same.

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