• Hello,

    Please do not put the < center > to the side of the {| class="wikitable" on the video section of mission pages. It causes coding errors and should instead be put above.


    Wagwan piffting23

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    • Wagwan piffting23
      Wagwan piffting23 removed this reply because:
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      10:55, June 18, 2019
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    • Ok, but i haven't edit that part.

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    • Hi Ricketts Landon,

      The change happened within your edit. If you look here [1], you can see that the change was made by you.

      Now, this could have simply been a glitch of some kind, or it may have automatically moved there, but please do not deny that it happened in your edit. I appreciate your contributions to this wiki, but please make sure that you put the < center > above the {| class="wikitable" if you edit the video section, or indeed the mission page as a whole.


      Wagwan piffting23

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    • Ok, i'll check it more often.

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    • A FANDOM user
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