• Barbarella isn’t actually a real name just google it and the first thing that pops up is the 1968 movie. Red Dead has made numerous references to old westerns so just wanted to say I think it’s valid trivia on the Alcazar page

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    • Correction: not to imply Barbarella is a western just that it is a famous movie that Rockstar would probably be more than happy to reference

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    • Whoa busted sorry the movie is actually based on a comic series. Like I said “Barbarella” don’t exist outside the comics or the movie other than references to that. The first legendary bounty is a female “bandit queen” who shares the same name as an early heroine? C’mon bruh

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    • Yes, I'm familiar with the movie, as well as the comic book that inspired it. No, this doesn't mean I will re-add the exact one.

      Trivia is for miscellaneous information that can't be added to other parts of the article. It's not a place to add speculations, unofficial comparisons or unconfirmed influences, and in most situations it doesn't matter how likely they might be.

      The fact that that trivia point had "may" in it already invalidates its justification to be on the article.

      On the other hand, I'm in favor of trivia points that explain the name's origins, so I don't mind you adding a similar trivia point like this:

      • Barbarella is a variation of the Latin name Barbara, meaning "strange" or "foreign"; Barbarella originated from the 1968 film by the same name. Alcazar is a Spanish word derived from the Arabic al-qaṣr, meaning "castle" or "fort".

      You can also add about the comics in the same sentence, though I believe it's a little too much for just one trivia point.

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    • I would argue that Barbarella is not necessarily a variation of the Latin name Barbara on account that the variations of Barbara are well documented and Barbarella seems to be a fictional name created by its French author. Otherwise, I don’t see much of a difference between your version and mine, but I still think a mention of it is noteworthy. Guess it’s up to you tho Mr Green

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