• Well apparently there are corpses with glowing green eyes, however the one on the pic seemed to be glitched standing upright. They might be teasing something. Found some in Armadillo. You can pick them up but you cannot carry them for more than a few seconds and they are dropped automatically and cannot be picked up again. Not sure if you have seen it before i thought i should let you know since we might have to create a new page here if this is going somewhere but it is definitely not by accident

    Zombie lady found in RDR2

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    • Yes, I have heard about this new occurrence. A popular theory on the matter is that they may be hinting at a second Undead Nightmare, although this is unproven. I don’t feel the need to make a page about them just yet, but really I need to find out all that I can about them and think about it more carefully before making a final decision.


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