• I watched a gameplay of Micah Bell talking to Reverend Swanson Maich tells reverend that he believes God, heaven and the soul are fairytales so I added nore information to Micah's personality. Micah also tells reverend that he believes the church and people who represent the church deceive people he says that he thinks the church and God are great evil then anything else.

    I added some of that information to his personality more information helps people learn more about Micah's character. Micah tells Reverend Swanson that jo one has a soul.

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    • Talking about Micah's personality he shows is racist side by telling Lenny it is unusually for someone like him to red and write. He also shows his racist side when he says to Lenny he shot a lot of folks like him.

      Also speaking of Micah's personality he tells Strauss he doesn't like money lending and loan sharking is where Micah draws the moral line.

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    • That’s all good information, although pages tend to talk about aspects of his personality as a whole, rather than dwell on specific examples. If you think there is anything to add to Micah's personality, by all means add it, but bear this in mind.

      Earlier, I mentioned my desire to make a page for Sean's father. I recall a newspaper or newspaper scrap (I think it was the latter) which told his story. However, I can’t find the information source anywhere in the satchel, so I’ll probably have to replay it or reload an early save and try and find it from there. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make the page until I find it.

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    • Ok thanks also hopefully the page for Sean's father will be made. I will see if I can help on finding information about Sean's dad.

      Oh yeah when Micah talks to John about him almost being eaten by wolves Micah says that he has never had any animals try to eat or kill him he says that animals don't like him or come anywhere near him.

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