• Hey there, I appreciate the piece of trivia you recently made to the Bureau of Internal Revenue page but may I ask which of your sources suggest the agency's presence would be outright anachronistic? While the income tax policy was declared unconstitutional for the period of time you had pointed out, the agency still functioned in some capacity between then and the introduction of the 16th Amendment. In addition, their goal in-game is relagated to a specific revenue issue that is bootlegging. 

    I'm not at all attempting to dispute your contribution as a whole, I just want to know if it's presence would be entirely inaccurate. To be honest, that portion of histoy I'm not the most well-read on but I believe they still fulfilled duties to combat illegal production at that time.

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    • I went off of the wikipedia article, but considering that the focus of the article will be on their efforts to shut down moonshining feel free to remove that point.

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    • As did I. I'll remove the particular point for now until evidence that suggests otherwise can be found.

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