• Hello, I would like to ask you to plese stop making needless edits to pages so you earn the badges. Over the last 5 hours you have made what looks like well over 100 edits, all needless. ( I undone one of them to see the results there was no difference at all, meaning they were needless. ) Please stop this, thanks.

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    • If one pays attention to those edits, one will see that all of these edits were made to remove all use of the {{PAGENAME}} template, which has since been rendered obsolete by modern editing standards, and thus, they are to be removed.

      Please let it be known that I am not in any way trying to manipulate the achievement system, I am merely doing my job as an administrator in order to bring matters discussed between staff members to fruition.

      Good day.

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    • A FANDOM user
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