• Tell me, who is the other Eliza that knows Arthur Morgan, John Marston and Dutch's gang? You obviously know since you keep deleting my contributions. There's more audio to back this up of course but you obviously know best.

    Is it because of my beef with H Roosevelt that I'm being watched? 

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    • Since when would Eliza know John? That’s an assumption. Furthermore, that was done before Eliza was even created as a character, so it won’t mean the same person who Arthur had a relationship with. Saying that it is the same person just because they share a by-no-means-rare first name is also an assumption. Finally, the reference was not done properly.

      It should be:

      <ref>[insert video link here]</ref>

      And at the bottom of the page, there should be a references heading with simply "<references/>" written underneath it.

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    • Fair enough about the references but saying that's not the same person is asinine in the context of the game. 

      So by your logic, Arthur had multiple relationships with women with a by no means rare name of Eliza with sons named Isaac who he presumed died years ago? 

      I want you to keep this same energy when the cutscene emerges and to dismiss it as some random woman who was just one of many women Arthur had children named Isaac with. 

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    • The video makes no mention of Arthur. Aside from which, she was dead before 1899, so she won’t be around in 1911. It’s not the same person.

      I will not keep arguing with you about this. Your uptight attitude on mine, Linus' and Roosevelt's message walls is not welcome, and venting about it on the discussions isn’t either. If you continue harassing people and throwing insults, the only thing it’ll result in is a block.

      I hope that both the reasoning and the warning are clear.

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    • Understood.

      I don't fully get the reasoning but the warning is clear.

      Good day

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    • A FANDOM user
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