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    I've noticed that John Marston's page has been locked since Febuary, from what I've gathered due to edit warring (please forgive my ignorance - I joined back in March), and was wondering when if it will be unlocked anytime soon, as I've noticed a few things that could be changed or tweaked.

    Not too related, but I was wondering on whether it would be a plausable thing to slightly alter John's Quotes section. Currently the section is simply a link to John Marston/Quotes - Now, this makes sense, as the linked page is more than large enough to be its own page. However, I suggest that John's current Quotes section should be altered to be more akin to how Jack's is formatted, in that all of the "Campaign (Redemption)" and "Campaign (Redemption 2)" quotes should be added to John's main page while all of his gameplay quotes (Skinning, Shopping/Selling, Picking Flowers, Riding, Combat, etc.) should be left on John Marston/Quotes.

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    • Hello,

      For the quote situation, I’d rather they’re all in one place. There’s a huge number of quotes, especially for RDR 1, so not all of them could go on John's page. Deciding which ones to use and which ones not to can be a difficult process too, which adds further complications - some on the main page and some on the quotes page, for example, is not ideal. Jack's situation is slightly different because he has much fewer quotes in both games, so what applies to him may not be the same as for John.

      In terms of protection, I will certainly consider unprotecting it soon (next couple of days, perhaps), as it’s been locked for a while now.

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    • Thank you. To clarify on the quotes suggestion, you wouldn't actually need to work too hard on deciding which ones to use and which ones not to, as all of the story quotes are in the Campaign category on the quotes page . Additionally, in terms of only story quotes, although it is quote a few, it isn't too much',' in my opinion, as it isn't much greater in quantity than Dutch's quotes.

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