• About The Boy: In game we can read that Boy is "Young GUNSLINGER and outlaw", so he is GUNSLINGER. About Joshua Brown: Why I can't write that Joshua is gunslinger in West Elizabeth? About Black Belle: Why I can't write that Belle is legendary gunslinger?

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    • Amd Slim also a lawman. You write this for yourself earlier

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    • Hello again,

      You could’ve used the other, existing thread that was about this specific topic. Anyway:

      • It’s already mentioned in Slim Grant’s infobox that he’s the State Marshal of New Hanover, which is a type of lawman, just a more specific term. I removed “Lawman” because it’s basically saying the same thing twice.
      • As for Joshua Brown, not quite sure he’d count as a gunslinger. He’s an outlaw, but not a renowned gunman with tales on his exploits and whatnot.
      • With Black Belle, I didn’t remove the statement that she’s a gunslinger but merely changed it, for the purpose of improving the paragraph’s flow. The sentence “Legendary gunslinger” at the start of the paragraph is quite abrupt - even if it is true.
      • For The Boy, well... he doesn’t seem like much of a gunslinger to me, but if the game says he is then that’s not something any editor can contradict with their personal opinion. You can re-add it.
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    • Joshua Brown is a gunslinger, becouse he kied all his enemies in duel (Farley told us about this). And Black Belle is a gunslinger, brcouse she have her own card in "Famous gunslingers card set"

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    • I’ve just checked, and Farley doesn’t say anything about him killing people on duels, just that he’s previously killed people legally and has overstepped the line. He made no mention of the circumstances of these deaths. Brown also doesn’t have a gunslingers card and isn’t known by anyone except the sheriff, so I don’t think he’d count as a gunslinger. In any case, just because someone wins some duels, doesn’t necessarily make them a gunslinger.

      It’s already written on Black Belle's page that she’s a gunslinger.

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    • We already talk about who gunslingers are. This is everyone who make money buy guns, especially if they have duels with there aponents. And if someone doesn't have his card it doesn't mean that he is not a gunslinger

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    • A FANDOM user
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