• I've come up with a few more things to have on the wiki by the time Red Dead Redemption II releases. Both things are somewhat inspired by the now deceased Spawny, with the former idea being fully inspired by her. The first idea is an award to a user who's contributed the most to the wiki. I'm still working on a name, but it'd be a yearly award, that would coincide with the next proposition. The current name I have in mind is The Spawny Award, although it's a slight cliche using the users name. The second proposition is that we start a Red Dead Wiki Hall Of Fame. Both of these proposition would occur at the end of every year, with the Spawny award starting next year, once I've finished talks with the deceased's sister. The Spawny award would be a user vote, while users inducted into the Hall Of Fame are voted on through a staff vote. I've already got a few users considered for The Hall Of Fame. Take into consideration that all active staff must vote on a set of users. This set of users will be determined by proposed users, and as I've got some users in mind, I'll be submitting my ideas. All other staff are free to add users to that list. As for The Spawny Award, users will propose users they feel have contributed to the wiki the most, then staff will look at the list, and after a series of talks, likely to be hosted in the Wiki Discord Staff Meeting Room, staff will choose one user from that list. Once I have your approval, I should be able to get a blog post up tomorrow after school, which will feature both propositions. Once I completed talks with Spawny's sister, we can do The Spawny Award next year, mainly due to nothing much happening this year.

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