• Hi, Vault! Long time since last time wasn't it?! Well, I am reaching out to you regarding my request for becoming a bureaucrat. The reason for this is first of all that the wiki lacks of any active Bureaucrats. Second of all is that due to my increased dedication for the wiki I have contributed with many new additions to the wiki, most of it being technical. I am also aware that a huge amount of new editors will find their way to this wiki around the release of RDR 2. Thus an active bureaucrat needs to be present in order to be able to promote users. It is due to the shortage of bureaucrats that I find that an additional bureaucrat is needed, that being myself. Since the past promotions on the wiki hasn't required an official "vote" I reach out to regarding your thoughts on this request. I've thought about running for bcrat for some time now, however it wasn't until a few members mentioned the need for a new bureaucrat in Discord that I really started to consider it. Personally I think I will make good use of the role, in cohesion with my knowledge of the wiki and being a long time Wikia member I find that I can evaluate requests while adapting them to the requirements, thus promoting users should not be too foreign to me. Thanks in advance, Best regards, JackiBackiBoy Fighter Jet 22:10, May 25, 2018 (UTC)

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    • Yeah, you've got more edits than me for christ sake. I'll promote you now. Hopefully I'll become mroe active again closer to the release date of RDR 2 but I've just been so limited with time since starting work in October that I've never got time to be on the wikis usually and when I do there's always something else I'd rather be doing.

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