• Please don't replace images that are already on the site, especially with images that have names that do not describe what they are of. If they are of better quality, then go to the existing pic's page and upload a new version - keeps maintenance down to a minimum ;)

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    • Sorry I'm new to the whole wiki editing scene. I was doing it how I was told to from the Red Dead Wiki staff on the Discord. When you say "images that have names that do not describe what they are of" do you mean like 12345.jpg should instead be john_smith_driving.jpg?

      Just want to make sure I'm doing everything right because I'm very passionate about the Red Dead series.

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    • No worries :) There's certainly a learning curve to things.

      Yeah, staying away from random numbers and letters is best - Google crawls across sites and the better we can make descriptions the better the site looks. So you've got the right idea - the simplest way to do it (at least for Google and other search engines) is to do something like: Subject - Game

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    • Ok thanks. :)

      Raziel Reaper is helping me out with this too. 

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    • Good to hear :) Feel free to toss any questions my way as well - always glad to help!

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    • A FANDOM user
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