• Hello! I am Jack, a bureaucrat on this wiki. I noticed that you recently created a page listing the trophies/achievements in Redemption II, however as you already know there was already a dedicated page for it. I noticed that you submitted it for deletion, however why would we do that? The page you created serves the exact same purpose as the one that was created before it. Why not just edit the existing page instead of making a new one and removing the one prior to it? I see that you have been active here before but I would recommend you to join our Discord server to properly communicate with other editors before you do these types of edits, it's not only making duplicate pages but also completely redesigning layout of a page, which in its own is not wrong but try to communicate with other staff members before doing anything major, it can come out as rude. For now I will remove the page you created, best regards, Jack.

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    • I've noticed the deletion but at least try to adopt the table before deleting it since it was already formatted and complete. Likewise, I followed its layout similar to that of Trophies/Achievements in Redemption; at least try to consider it.

      Regarding on the existing page, I didn't notice the existing page entirely so there is a slight misunderstanding for that (granted that I put a {{delete}} tag in the first place, which I fully embrace that fault). Nevertheless, I won't get past editing the existing page just yet (because so far it's incomplete and you've already deleted the created page with the gamerscores and the aforementioned table with it).

      A suggestion that would be ideal was to move the deleted page to the existing page instead, that way, most of it is adopted. Regarding on Discord, I've noticed that it has been semi-quiet on updates and communications for the wiki (granted if someone asks question regarding, which I justifiably understand and the auspiciously editorial bullpen chat is locked which I think is where the crats and mods dwell); and rather dedicated to playing or relaying information of/from the game so I'll try not to disturb with what I can do. I'm comfortable in communicating in this wiki but as suggested, I'll see what I can do on Discord.

      Another thing to note is that, it has been a long habit of mine to edit pages and articles instantaneously unless someone relays (or I myself observe what has been edited in Recent Changes) any suggestions, layout, and any updates to me as to quickly fix or do what needs to be done.

      If that's a concern (minor or great) to anyone, feel free to reply back.

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    • Don't get me wrong, I love editors that take the wiki seriously and geninely care about it. About the Discord Channel, to gain access to the editorial bullpen you simply need to join and most of the time we ask new users if they have a wiki account, if they do we add them a s a verified wiki user, thus giving you access to that channel. Happy editing! Best regards JackiBackiBoy Fighter Jet 09:56, November 3, 2018 (UTC)

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    • I'll keep that in mind. I'll visit and talk to the bullpen soon. Thank you for the consideration. :)

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