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    10:07, November 5, 2018

    Hello Trevor, Linus here.

    During your time editing, you may (or may not) have noticed that I've been reviewing your edits as often as you publish them.

    Upon review, I have become increasingly aware that you have a tendency to format character pages with "PAGENAME" as well as adding incorrect categories onto pages. I have also noticed a large number of spelling mistakes from your edits.

    Obviously, a simple spelling mistake isn't something to get into trouble over. I am, however, simply writing to you to at least encourage you to proofread your edits before publishing them.


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    • I have not added incorrect categories, its other users not me. Also, I do proofread but not throughly sometimes. How is there a problem with Pagename? People like you keep constantly citicizing me on other wikis. I am done with this and I am going back to other wikis I go on. Goodbye

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    • For starters, in accordance with the new administration on the wiki, we decided to scrap the PAGENAME concept in favour of actually writing character names. As for incorrect categories, you have been adding the Redemption Characters category on characters that appear only in Redemption II, and therefore require the Redemption 2 Characters category, as seen on the David Geddes page where besides myself, you are the sole editor of that page.

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    • Well, I am a Bureaucrat on another wiki and we would inform users about scraping certain templates and remove it from people using them. You make it sound like I place all of pages in the wrong categories, when I only did that to a few pages. Do not contact me anymore I am done with this wiki and not coming back.

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    • This change was made before the release of Red Dead Redemption II, all the way back in June, during a time where the only editors of the wiki, were the admins and moderators preparing the wiki for the release of Redemption II and therefore didn't feel the need to inform others that we would be scrapping the template, as at the time it wasn't necessary to do so. Again, for the categories, I was merely correcting a simple mistake that you had made when adding the category. By no means have I criticised you in terms in your editing but rather attempted to give you a few tips in order for you to grow as an editor on our wiki, however, if you really believe that you are being criticised regarding your edits and are leaving the wiki in the response to this, I'm afraid I cannot prevent you from leaving. Apologies for any misunderstanding.


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    • I don't care for your apologies. I no longer want to affiliate myself with this wiki. I told you to stop it.

      You're dishonest. I'll admit that I placed a few RDRII characters in the wrong place and did use the redemption template. I never did used “Redemption characters”  category or add characters to that category (Wiki activity show no such thing). I did input them under the  “Redemption 2 characters” category.

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    • This has gone for too long. I don't see any need to get so angry at a Moderator simply notifying you about something. Either way, this is your choice to leave and I respect it. Feel free to return at any time.

      And with that, this thread is closed.

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