• I don't get it, you agree that having the loot there is a mess but you're still going with it because...? The point of those navigational boxes is to provide easier and quicker navigation but it kinda defeats the purpose when you have to squint to find exactly what you're looking for. The loot items are¬†absolutely important but it's both expected and intuitive to just have/link them on each animal's page.

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    • While true that nav boxes indeed provide easier navigation and path-finding but I'm referring the layout of the template to the original mess that is {{Template:Redemption Animals}}. The reason that the temp box is currently "ugly" as it is is that there hasn't been any pages for animal items yet. Quite contrary, the original template has fewer animals than in the second game, which is why it looks bloated. {{Template:Characters}} also comes to mind due to how massive that template is.

      In the case of intuitiveness, if us as a wiki user and an editor, the template is quite impractical if I'm being honest. That said, this doesn't go with casual readers who are not familiar with the site itself. Plus, having the animal items in the temp box also serve as a shortcut per se in a case if they have a hard time searching for related articles and pages.

      Redundancy is another thing, removing the animal items makes the template so similar to {{RDRII}}. So the edited template is just as useless (since it'll look like a cut version of that template) since there is an existing template to serve than this one. What the second template is serving is that it is a detailed navbox exclusive to the animal pages instead rather than using {{RDRII}}. What the RDRII template's work is that it is a one-way link into the animals sections so that this navbox act as a "loop" to other animal sections.

      But, if the animal items are not as informative as we think they are, then it can be removed, but for now, leave it as it is. There are considerations to deal with such as removing these links might get the template a candidate for deletion due to redundancy. Give it a month or two if there are not enough info to warrant such removal.

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