For future references:

  • Don't add those pages to the Layout templates category.
  • If a page needs an image, there is a specific template for that, this one, post it above the infobox but above the stub template.
  • Introductions for character pages should start with the character's role (supportin, major or - in the case of bounty targets, minor) which links to this page, and then if it's a bounty target (which should then link to this page.
  • Avoid making trivia sections unless there is something to write there right away.
  • ===Background=== should be under the larger ==History== sections.
  • Mission/s appearances should always have the second word uncapitalized (appearances, not Appearances). In relation to that, rather than '''''Insert game name here''''', please use ;''Insert game name here''.

Aaaaaand that's it, I think.

On a serious note I want to thank you for making all those pages. It's great that someone takes the time to make all the new bounty targets their own pages, and we greatly appreciate your efforts here, so thank you once more.

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