Okay, ban me if you think I’m so terribly rude but I won’t watch my tone. I’m coming at you exactly as I feel is necessary.

The characters you deleted will always appear. They are set characters in the Red Dead univervise. They play a role and even more minor characters have an article that contributes towards other lore in the game. Your own argument for having articles about specifically named horses applies the same logic.

You can’t compare them to seemingly randomized characters from gambling games.

Also, my point is Bradley Hunt contributes nothing towards the wiki and even towards the lore of the Night Folk, unless you feel every named victim should have a page, cause I know a bunch of people named in the news articles about Edmund Lowry Jr

Just cause there’s more info on some NPCs from an older game, doesn’t negate any value a character might have towards the greater story. You might have to consider undoing the work of some significant editors on this wiki if you wanna stick to your guns

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