I am glad I am allowed to continue this discourse, considering Wagwan has already deleted one of my messages based solely on his opinion that I am aggressive. If he really feels I’m leaving “raging, harassing” comments then they should be left up as evidence that I am indeed a raving lunatic.

I’ve been around this wiki a few times over many years. I would like to point out some of the work done by former admins like Annonnimus, Jack Frost, Hobbes and 2ks4 which I think validated my point, as they went to some lengths to ensure that any Character appearing in, mentioned, or otherwise in the series have a page. I think the pages for the gamblers contributes towards the lore (albeit minimally) of the riverboat robbery. But again, it’s just my opinion and I think it should be put to a public forum. @Wagwan not every user is so familiar with the site that they know to mosey on over the a talk page for a category.


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