To reiterate my points in as neutral a way as I feel is possible:

Your defence for deleting the gamblers’ pages still doesn’t hold up, in my opinion, under scrutiny. There are certainly pages for characters of far less importance towards background lore or any other aspect that have pages (and I’m aware I created the page for Bradley Hunt, but I thought I made it clear why I felt confused by your apparent validation for that character and not for three other characters that are, again in my opinion, equally valid contributions towards the wiki).

Second, my main issue, which I again felt I made clear (sorry you seemed to have misinterpreted my tone) is that you deleted the articles with no community discussion and used the nomination for the articles’ deletion by one (1) other user as enough justification for that action.

And on a final note, my issue with you has evolved into more that fact that I think you are abusing your rights. I pointed out policy that states your opinion does not automically usurp my own. Other policy dictates how vital community discussion is for the site’s growth (and also states you shouldn’t delete messages, but anyway). If you really just wanted me to “cool down” as you put it, I know you got other options. I’ll keep making good edits, as you graciously pointed out, but I fear I don’t operate well under authoritarians

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