I’m not continuing to edit the article which you should consider good enough behaviour, as it’s been established I’m allowed to continue my discourse on these talk pages. To reiterate my point, I don’t think I’m being the stubborn one here. Bill’s name is clearly Marion, which he admits, and I don’t understand how Bill can be viewed as anything other than a nickname (again, he says “Bill comes from Williamson” when Micah assumes his name is William Williamson, I actually think this is a reference to the fact that this wiki referred to Bill as William Williamson for years, R* cheeky like that)

Roosevelt, you still do not support your own point enough. Cassidy is clearly referred to as Robert Parker and when you say he is referred to as Cassidy it is after he had adopted the name. Marion Williamson was apparently not an outlaw until he was discharged from the army (not the cavalry as he claims) and began referring to himself as Bill. This doesn’t actually make his name Bill Williamson, and you tried to use a real life outlaw who is still legally referred to by his birth name, no matter how long he called himself Butch Cassidy. The Sundance Kid is still legally referred to as Harry Longabaugh, not by his pseudonym, so what’s the difference?

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