@Kerbert - here comes the chat moderator with the hard hitting issues. I’m editing via mobile and with the chat wall system my messages don’t spam the recent activity page so I don’t think it’s that much of an issue. Try addressing my points, or responding to me in the other thread where I replied to you.

@Roosevelt - I don’t think I misrepresented your points, nor do I think I’m arguing the “legality” of it. I agree, it’s a mundane point, but I still think the intro to bills article should address him by his actual name, which he admits to having at a time you say he has changed his name, and then he can be referred to as Bill for the rest of the article, except it should mention his birth name in his bio, referring to his early life, don’t you think?

And I don’t have an obsession mate. Your wording is clearly an attempt to paint me in a bad light. I make good edits and back them up, they are undone with no discussion. I open discussion and eat called harassing and petty. Grow some thicker skin lad

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