Kerbert, you are distracting from the issue at hand and your messages are pointless. First, I’ve already pointed out that my original ban seemed excessive, and expressed my reasons for thinking so. Raziel said he would look into it, but had been quiet for a week. So if I get banned again, it’s no skin off my back, cause I think you guys are abusing your powers.

Second, I’m not trying to get attention. I’m making perfectly acceptable edits and when they get undone by power mad moderators I express my discontent in discussion threads which is perfectly within the rules. Your decision that my inability to use the edit button still doesn’t constitute as spam, because it doesn’t affect the activity page.

Finally, either get out of this thread or provide your own reasoning why you think referring to Bill as Marion “Bill” Williamson in the opening sentence and in his early bio is a “terrible idea”

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