Thurlow Reese is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Thurlow is a rancher in the Cholla Springs region. He also has a daughter and wife, so he may have a larger family.


Marston encounters Reese when beginning the Twin Rocks gang hideout. Reese asks for Marston's help in rescuing his daughter who has been abducted by Walton's Gang.

Reese is a frequent player of Blackjack in Rathskeller Fork. He is also commonly seen in Armadillo driving a cart or seen in the saloon. He seems to be somewhat timid or nervous, as when he communicates he nervously says "Uh, hello," or "Excuse me, mister". He can be also seen in Random Encounters where he will ask the player to save his wife from being hanged. He can also be seen walking around the streets of Blackwater.


Uh, hello.
Thurlow Reese greeting the player
Yep, hello there.
Thurlow Reese greeting the player
I'm gunna' die! Help me!
Thurlow Reese when frightened
Uh, sorry.
Thurlow Reese when bumped into
I could really use a hand, friend. I'm way over my head here!
Thurlow Reese asking Marston for help at Twin Rocks
Sir, they about to hang my wife! Help me get her back!
Thurlow Reese asking the player to help his wife



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