Title Update 1.07 was released on September 12, 2011 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Red Dead Redemption.[1] This automatic update is a requirement, and without it the player will be precluded from utilizing the Myths and Mavericks DLC released the following day. This update also addresses issues as detailed below. Players will be prompted to apply the update when starting the game while an Internet connection is active.

Changes and fixes

Red Dead Redemption

  • Fixes for several Multiplayer exploits, including invincibility, invisibility, flying, rapid-fire and barrel jumping.
  • Fix for killing other players in Friendly Free Roam by cooking dynamite.
  • Fix for a single player Poker exploit that resulted in rapid accumulation of money in Blackwater.
  • Fix for occasionally being unable to move after crashing in a wagon.
  • Fix for Nuevo Paraiso bounties being reset upon loading a save.
  • XboxLogo.png Fix for System Link issue.
  • A player attempting to enter an off-limits building or area will now be presented with a black screen, then teleported away.

Undead Nightmare

  • Undead Overrun - Restores original settings, with an additional change to help players:
    • Restores extended sudden death and removes explosive retcher spit. Returns maps to original (expanded) boundaries. These items were initially changed by Title Update 1.06.
    • The addition of an option to exit Undead Overrun without sacrificing XP. From Rockstar's support site: Due to community feedback, we will be changing Sudden Death back to the way it was [...]. Extended sudden death will be back, explosive spit will be gone, and players who have already died will have the option to keep their XP and quit out of the game if someone is prolonging Sudden Death by running around or camping rooftops.[2]
  • Fix for exploit which resulted in use of weapons from Undead Overrun in Free Roam.

Golden Guns Pack

  • The option for players to turn the golden guns on or off.


Rockstar support noted that the following issues were experienced by some players following application of Title Update 1.07. Follow the referenced links for more details:

  • Golden Guns may revert to their original colors. A menu option is noted for toggling the golden appearance on and off.[3]
  • XboxLogo.png"Incompatible Game Version" errors may be experienced in the Games on Demand (downloaded) version of Red Dead Redemption.[4]
  • PS3Logo.pngUndead Overrun may crash upon starting a session.[5]


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